20 best part-time staff nurse jobs

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Part time nursing jobs are turning up as a surprise category in job offering websites but are also growing in popularity because of the number of people who are becoming involved in the medical. At home part time nursing jobs are becoming more prevalent than ever in the medical industry. There are several resources available for nurses on these websites and they have to avail special training before actually beginning their job, even if they are experienced. The best thing about a part time nursing job is that every patient is different and you get to interact and empathize with them which not only provides them what they want, but also builds your life skills.

20 Best Part-Time Staff Nurse Jobs

part time nursing jobs

  • Telephonic nurse- Assessing and evaluating needs of members
  • Clinical Abstractor- Reviewing medical records
  • Clinical Consultant- Managing interaction between doctors and patients
  • Clinical study manager- Providing daily leadership and guidance
  • Course instructor- Teaching and mentoring online
  • Medical claim review nurse- Maintaining claim records
  • Nurse medical management- Promoting efficient use of resources
  • Occupational health nurse- Facilitating timely healthcare for patients
  • Registered nurse specialist- Conducting clinical assessments
  • Subject matter expert- Designing documents and medical content
  • Nurse practitioner- Diagnosing patients for illness
  • Nurse case manager- Developing personalized care programs for patients
  • Registered nurse- Administering medications
  • Nurse reviewer- Reviewing medical records
  • Certified Nursing assistant- Helping patients with daily needs
  • Specialized therapy nurse-Providing physical or mental therapy
  • Part-time helper- Helping with patient’s chores
  • Part-time physiotherapy nurse- Providing physiotherapy
  • Home based pediatric nurse- Helping patients who are children
  • Counselling nurses- Helping patients gain confidence