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Technology brought so many changes with it, this why many people talk about technology. The need for better lives started when technology became part and parcel of man. Without technology there could be no schools , hospitals , vehicles , smartphones, just to mention but a few. The idea of technology came to make our lives better .WE are very improved. Our lives are advanced and modernized. We are better off society. We are no longer the backward and primitive people we used to be those gone days and years.

The need to be private with your YouTube, and download videos and having your own playlist was solved when YouTube was introduced.Then when the need to get updated came. Proxy came just on time. Now there is the need to protect your privacy. The hideme idea is solved by the We are all experienced at one time or another the need to be private with your YouTube. This is what technology has done. It keeps on bringing as many changes as possible. The need to advanced look different was realized when technology was invented. There is every need to protect it. We must jealously ensure technology remains ours.

youtube proxy

Then there are cyber-crimes .We must be protected by the security agents. They must ensure we are safe and secure.Our lives must be safe. What goes on around may thermal trend but our lives must for sure be free from interference. The corrupt security officers must realize we don’t need them. Those behind the cyber-crime must learn their lessons or else it will be the end of them.