Travel Tips 101: Top Packing Mistakes to Avoid

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Planning to have an exciting one-week getaway vacation with your friends or loved ones? But still confused on what to bring? Fret no more! Today’s article will save your life from this problem.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a travel enthusiast, packing can still give you headaches every time you have a trip with your friends or family. Sometimes, there are things that you don’t need to bring, yet you still find them resting happily in your bag. So, how to avoid this from happening?

Simple, continue to scroll down this article, grab a cup of your favorite coffee, and have a pen and notebook beside you. You’re going to list all the packing items below to ensure a pleasant and worry-free getaway fort myers trip!

  1. getaway fort myers Taking Large-Sized Toiletries

For you to master the packing light techniques, begin with your toiletries. Common! You don’t need to bring those large-sized toiletries with you. From large-sized shampoos, lotions, creams, conditions, etc. you don’t need all of them! Go to the nearest grocery stores or shopping mart and buy a mini-version of your favorites. In case that your preferences don’t have mini-version, buy a mini refillable container or tubes and use them instead. The same goes for your sunblocks, moisturizers, and creams.

  1. Packing Heavy Items

Wait, are you planning to bring your home during the vacation trip? Stop. You don’t need to bring those bulky items that you might not probably need during the trip. Pick light clothes and things that you’ll be needing the most. Ditch all the bulky sweaters, jackets, coats, or any clothing stuff that won’t roll tightly. Besides, lightweight layers can offer you more choices for mix and match outfits. Also, don’t forget to wear your largest and heaviest items on the plane like sneakers, coats, boots, etc. to save space.

  1. Bringing Books

Yeah, it’s true. Sure, many of you love to read books while on a plane, beach, or traveling. But wake up, and see the reality that lies beside you. Books, especially the huge and heavy ones, will only consume more space from your luggage. So instead of bringing them with you, why make use of your mobile phones or tablet? Probably, there are tons of e-books and pdf version of the book that you like to read.

  1. Keeping Your Cash in One Place

One of the most popular mistakes that most people do is keeping your money in one place or spot. What if there’s something to happen, you’re not able to find the luggage beside you? How can you survive a day without a penny? That’s why it’s essential to distribute your money in different places, to make sure that if anything is bound to happen, you’ll have a lot of extra cash.