Important Features to Check in a Jigsaw

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Jigsaw is a highly valuable and useful power device that can be used in various cutting applications. If you invest in a good tool, it means you have won your battle when achieving proper cuts with the jigsaw. When choosing a jigsaw, make sure you check its blade first. There’re many options accessible in the market if you are looking for the jigsaw and blades. And as this german site states, make sure you select the tool that makes your difficult task simple. Hence, here are some tips to follow and select the best jigsaw for any kind of work.

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Features to Find

  • Splinter control shoe is one small insert on a jigsaw show that helps to keep splintering minimum.
  • With any particular tools, jigsaw has higher cutting power with higher amperage rating. So, you must opt for the jigsaws with the motor ratings of 7 amps.
  • Trigger lock will allow you lock your jigsaw to a speed.
  • Some models have dust collection bag and this feature is worth to check if you are sensitive to the wood dust. Certain jigsaw models are connected to shop vacuum for total dust management.
  • There are some models that come with the laser guideline. Laser casts the red cutting line away from front of a saw, just like laser lines found on the modern circular saws. It is another option that you must invest in.

There’re intangibles to consider. The handle shape & cushioning might spell a difference between the jigsaw you like to use & one that gives cramping hand after some minutes of difficult task. Tool that is marketed as “low-vibration” will also provide a notable benefit for you. Thus, make sure you check complete features of the saw before you go ahead in making your purchase.