Smoothen your home or workspace with the resilient flooring

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Resilient flooring can be defined as strong flooring. It is considered as the more durable type of flooring that is more suitable for residential and commercial places and especially for high traffic areas.

Resilient flooring is flooring made of both natural and synthetic polymer. It is more durable and strong. There are different types of linoleum, cork, carpet, and rubber. Filler materials like synthetic fibres, ground wood, asbestos, and resin are used to mix to bind together in different flooring types.

Why resilient flooring in ARDEX?

Comparing hardware floors the resilient flooring is more flexible and elastic. These are its main feature to consider other floorings. For this purpose, these are widely used flooring options in residential and commercial spaces.


Resilient flooring is prepared well to withstand high traffic and sustain well for a long time. Based on the amount of foot traffic the different structures of polymer are used in the different flooring types that work well.


The smooth surface of any kind of flooring will keep your floor neat, clean, and well after and also it is well suited for your bathroom for its moisture resistance characteristics.


Flooring with resilient flooring is a problem-free process that can give you needed solutions with the multiple options of flooring possible. You can choose the best type of flooring that is suitable for your home or office space and enjoy all the benefits of a resilient type of flooring.

ARDEX is one of the leaders in making the builder better. You can get all products from floor levelling and adhesive to aftercare to make your home better.

ARDEX offers trusted and technical solutions for every need in your residential and commercial projects. You can reap all the benefits of perfectly matched and cost-effective solutions given.