Reap The Diverse Benefits Of Green Commercial Cleaning

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Commercial cleaning is an indoor maintenance service that cleans inside a commercial building according to the needs of the customer or owner. Green commercial cleaning in Tampa, FL will use only nontoxic products, environmentally friendly chemicals and equipment, and non-toxic detergents.

The risks associated with such chemicals can be significant for a company’s employees as well as for their customers and clients. Such risks include potential adverse effects on health: it has been shown that toxic exposures can be linked to some cancers, which means there is an increased risk of lung cancer; asthma; reproductive hazards; developmental disabilities; birth defects in children born to exposed women; different forms of kidney diseases and liver damage among others.

Risk Management

Reap The Diverse Benefits Of Green Commercial Cleaning

Like all other small firms, a green cleaning company must be concerned about legal risks as well as any potential litigation involving the business itself. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for instance, is currently investigating claims by some workers that a commercial-cleaning chemical used was linked to cancer and other health problems. The investigation has been ongoing since 2011 and is in phase two of its testing and evaluation phase. If such chemicals are indeed considered carcinogenic or harmful to the human body, then treating them as such will require immediate action on the part of companies that use these chemicals in their business practices.

Product Usage

A green cleaning company will use environmentally friendly products in their business, which means using green products throughout their entire commercial cleaning business operations. Anything that is considered hazardous by the EPA should be avoided during the product selection process since such products may bring about various health problems for employees and customers of the company.

In choosing a green cleaner, one that is concerned about protecting the environment does not have to settle with using traditional cleaners on floors and carpets, since such products are more likely to cause damage on the flooring surfaces. Such products contain harsh chemicals, which may ultimately cause bronchitis or asthma problems and can even prove fatal to pets and other animals that come in contact with the flooring.

Environmental Impact

Green cleaning companies are concerned about operating a business in a sustainable fashion; they are also concerned about being environmentally conscious. A green company is one that minimizes its carbon footprint by using more energy conserving equipment, minimizing travel and limiting unnecessary packaging, among others. The company also prefers to recycle certain kinds of waste into more useful substances. There are companies that collect organic waste from food manufacturing businesses and use it to create compost fertilizer or pellet fuels made from food waste like vegetable oil and grease.