Tips to Select Services for Post-Construction Cleaning In Los Angeles, CA

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An inescapable mess follows after every construction project. So, you have to take care of post-construction cleaning. It is taken care of either by you or the construction crew. However, both ways aren’t right, and you should look around for professionals. If you have to deal with the post construction cleaning in Los Angeles, CA, you should hire a reliable and trustworthy service as they have the training and equipment to do the job correctly.

Post-construction cleanup is also called final cleanup, as it is conducted at the very last or the completion of a construction project. It takes place after the completion of the building phase. It is more than sweeping the floors and cleaning visible surfaces.

Steps of post-construction cleanup

Post-construction cleanup isn’t a one-step process but involves three main steps that are:

  • Rough clean
  • Light clean
  • And final clean

Cleaning after the construction work is over takes a lot of effort and time. The contractor of the construction project might not be up for it, so you need cleaning services.

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Choosing the right post-construction cleaning service

You will find a myriad of choices while selecting post-construction cleaning services. Be careful in choosing the right service. But how? Well, following are the ways:

  • Research

You must research about a cleaning company you are about to hire. First, prepare a list of companies you want to look into, and then you can compare them in various aspects.

  • References

You can also take your friend’s or family’s reference who might have availed of past construction processes. If you don’t know anyone who has done this, check for online reviews and testimonials.

Stratus Building Solutions offer different post-construction cleaning services. You can contact the company for a customized cleaning plan. The range of services provided by it include:

  • Polishing vents, fixtures, and lighting
  • Cleaning doors, windows, and frames
  • Washing baseboards and walls
  • Cleaning the carpets
  • Sealing and cleaning ceramic tiles
  • Tile grout extraction
  • Washing entrances

The cleaning staff at Stratus Building Solutions proudly do their work and make it effective, safe, and eco-friendly. The cleaning service doesn’t leave any harmful chemicals behind, so that you can breathe easily. You can contact the franchise today if you need post-construction cleaning services.