What Are The Methods To Track, Employee Time And Attendance?

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 A streamlined process for monitoring employee time and attendance can have several positive effects on your company. It can assist managers in keeping track of existing projects and their progress and provide staff with a better understanding of how jobs take so they can make appropriate plans. Time and attendance management makes it much simpler to complete payroll and comply with regulations. You can monitor attendance by punching time cards, keeping track of employee hours on paper, utilising spreadsheets, or online time and attendance software for a company.

Here are methods for keeping track of staff attendance and timekeeping:

A time and attendance system for employees

Businesses have implemented employee time attendance system to keep track of their data in the hybrid workplace of today. The technology allows employees to check in and out and determines their work hours. Managers can approve or deny leave requests directly through the system, and employees can apply for leave and check their leave balances.


In certain instances, supervisors add the jobs and initiatives to a spreadsheet so that staff members may track their working hours. In other situations, workers control their spreadsheets and submit them for review regularly to their managers or HR. Making changes and finding specific information can take much longer than it would with automation. Companies run the risk of invoicing customers incorrectly and processing payroll incorrectly.

Attendance sheets

Most businesses consider attendance registers an archaic method of monitoring employee time attendance system. Employees are typically required to sign their names and note the times of their entry and exit on attendance registers near the front desk.