Types of sports massage you should know about!

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Massage is very helpful in the way of having a good health. There are different kinds ofsports massages, which can help you heal your day to day life stress. Today we are going to talk about them. Contact us for body-to-body massage wan chai.

Sports massage is helpful

Sports massage differs from the therapeutic in that it is circumscribed within sports practice, both at the level of training and competition (before and after it). This type of massage will be aimed at preparing intense physical activity, to avoid muscle spasms or other sports injuries, as well as to eliminate toxins and relax after sports activity.

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Characteristics: Analgesic effect. It helps in the prevention of soft tissue injuries (muscles, tendons, fascias and bursae-synovial bags). It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. Eliminates toxins and metabolic waste substances. Delays the onset of muscle fatigue. It prevents the formation of adhesions and eliminates them once formed. It helps the realignment of muscle fibers after an injury

The Pre-competition massages

This is about preparing the athlete for sports activity. It should be short and painless. With massage, the following effects are sought: To stimulate the musculature and the associated nervous system. Increase muscle tone Provide heat causing hyperemia (increased blood supply).

Post-competition massage

In this phase of the competition, the massage will be short, slow and deep, lasting between ten and fifteen minutes approximately. It is very important both the moment of realization and the manipulative techniques used to save problems after the athlete. This is so due to the extreme fragility and sensitivity of the muscle fibers after a very important overlap as a half marathon.

Thus, the massage should be performed after the recovery of a normal respiratory and cardiac frequency and after carrying out the indicated stretching exercises. The following objectives will be pursued: Suppress possible muscular spasms. Eliminate waste metabolites (lactate, etc). Relax the muscles of the athlete.