What are brick pizza ovens?

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Brick oven pizza is the most popular trend in the pizza industry, and it is gaining popularity not only in commercial restaurants, but also at home. Cooking in brick ovens is at least 3,000 years old, and it was a method of baking bread. The popularity of homemade pizza has made this traditional Italian dish a favorite of the dough in just a few decades.

A wood-fired pizza / bread oven is an oven made of clay, uncooked refractory bricks or fire-retardant refractory concrete (the heat resistance of the mixture is made of ingredients that can withstand prolonged high temperature conditions). Traditionally, stoves were made of material that was not expensive and easy to obtain in nature. Currently, we have everything you need to manufacture a wood stove, which can be purchased in most refractory and construction warehouses.

During cooking, the brick oven pizza bronx ny door is open, and the fireplace in the fireplace, if there is a fireplace, also remains open. When we stop the fire and the embers are washed from the stove, the door and / or the chimney are closed. Then, let the wood stove rest for several minutes to evenly distribute the heat in the dome and slightly reduce the temperature of the fire.

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At first, an oven temperature of around 800F or 425C is ideal for quickly cooking a thin and crispy 90-second pizza, however, the delicious pizza is also cooked at 300C – 572F, but it is still too hot for bread. When the temperature dropped to 450F or 230C, it was time to serve large fries and other excellent dishes. The bread is served at the end, so it doesn’t bake too fast outside.

What makes a brick pizza oven so special?

High temperature: You can turn on any modern brick pizza oven up to 100 degrees, which is excellent because it does not dry your brick pizza oven.

The firewood is on. Thousands of years ago, and even today, the best and purest way to cook anything, especially brick oven pizza, is firewood. I like to use fruit wood, such as apple, maple, nuts and hardwood, such as red oak. Making pizza from a wood-fired brick oven will give your natural-smelling cake a real taste, flavor and texture that pizza lovers are looking for!

Brick floor: this gives your pizza a brick texture, you can create an almost crunchy chewing crust that is simply delicious.

The brick oven was certainly used to make pizza, and perhaps mainly, but these well-melted stoves were basic in the old Italian houses and were used for all kinds of dishes, including bread, cakes, sausages, meat and cookies. The ovens heat up quickly and retain this heat for many hours, which helps maintain a constant temperature and reduce cooking time.