Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Pet Grooming in Coral Gables

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Mobile dog grooming coral gables is one of the best professional hairdressers for mobile devices. Instead of planning time, putting the pet in the car, leaving it and returning, mobile groomers go to their hotel, home, office, or anywhere the client wants their fluffy child to get ready. The service is personalized, so your fur baby spends time with a groomer who knows all her needs. There are no cells! We do not have to wait! There is only one on one with a pet and a groomer.

What are the service areas?

mobile dog grooming coral gables offer services in Coral Gables and surrounding. The Beauty Salon in Coral Gables serves the neighboring countries. In all the places where they provide mobile services for their obligations, the mobile salon is fully equipped with everything you need to care for your pet, from water to hair dryers.

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What is a mobile tour of a pet spa?

Mobile dog grooming coral gablesuses a specialized salon that is fully equipped with the best tools to care for your pet. The interior is designed to supply everything from water to electricity. There is no need to invade your property with water or an electrical outlet because the truck is self-sufficient. A mobile room is an ecological hybrid, thanks to which we reduce carbon dioxide emissions because we care not only for our customers but also for our planet. Do you want to see where your fur will live? For novice clients, we offer guided tours, and on the site, you will find a photo gallery for your reading.