How to Save Marijuana Seeds Without Losing Their Properties?

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When proceeding to save seeds for later use and germination, we must take into account a maxim that seems obvious but it is mandatory to remember at all times: they are living elements. That is, they have a perishable life cycle. So, if we are not careful enough, they can spoil. The main aspects for correctonline weed conservationare humidity, temperature, light, and the external incidence of air.

First Steps to Save Seeds

To conserve seeds, the first thing is to have them, so we must carry out a process of collecting them, which, being part of the plant, will be humid at first. It is important to let them dry enough, taking into account the environment, so that they reach the optimum point of humidity before proceeding to their correct packaging.

Conditions for Storing Seeds Safely

Although storing online weed seeds does not require complicated techniques, it is important that certain conditions exist. Without them, we will not be able to keep its qualities intact. They must be stored in cool, dry places, without light incidence and hermetically closed.

How to Save Marijuana Seeds Without Losing Their Properties?

  • Temperature

A temperature ranging between four and eight degrees Celsius is considered optimal. It must be ensured that there are no significant variations during conservation. Some seeds can suffer in freezing conditions and above eight degrees they begin to lose germination properties. The ideal place would be the vegetable drawer in the fridge.

  • Humidity

The seeds must be kept in an environment whose relative humidity is between 10% and 20%. Anything that exceeds this assumption is harmful to the properties of the seeds.

  • Light Incidence

Light affects the seed processes in a primary way. So, if we want to store them without losing properties, we have to keep them in the widest range of darkness possible. For these purposes, it is recommended to select opaque or semi-translucent containers.


We have already seen the essential conditions to have our seeds. Thus, they will always be ready for use and conserving all their germinative power.