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            Do you have a vehicle, which you managed to get from a bid, or you’d like to get another so you want to know the latest COE bidding results? Well that’s what this is for. You ca get an idea before you choose to make any decisions.

What is COE bidding?

            For those of you who don’t know what it is; COE stands for Certificate of Entitlement. After placing a successful winning bid in any open auction, this quota licence is received. It gives the right for a person to hold the registered vehicle as their own for a maximum of ten years in Singapore.

latest COE bidding results

What are the COE Price?

            The prices for a COE will differ depending on the category, there are 4 categories, namely, A for cars up to 1600cc and 97KW, B for cars above 1600cc, C for goods vehicle and bus, D for motorcycles, and finally E for all except motorcycles.  The prices in December 2019 for A was $32889, $36000 for B, $23200 for C, $3658 for D, and $37989 for E. the prices are constantly changing.

The bidding results

            The latest COE bidding results will always change based on the amount that they are wiling to bid. If you are considering the total bids in December 2019 it was 4294, with 3443 quotas. So as you can see. These were the total bid for the year of 2019, and they will continue to change each month, sometimes it will change twice within one month.