How Truckers Can Make More Money

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The way truckers can take more money home is to focus attitudes on being proactive instead of reactive. Look at the big picture of what it is you want and do the things that will make that big picture a reality. If you want to take more money home as a trucker you will need to plan ahead.

Plan Ahead – Whether it’s about your home time for events, your load deliveries, or your meals always plan ahead. That needs to be the way that you think for any chance of things working for you as a truck driver.

When you need to be home to take care of bills or prevent situations that would create a bill you need to prioritize accordingly. If possible try to take care of such things early before you need to so you aren’t depending on your load planning to work like clockwork. If that is not possible plan with your dispatcher weeks before your needed home time and remind him again as the needed home time approaches.

When you have a pick up or delivery scheduled, never wait until the last minute to leave. If you wait until the last minute any traffic problem or breakdown will surely cause you to be late. It doesn’t matter if it’s not your fault; fact is it may throw off your entire schedule which could limit the miles or trips you run for that week.

Having as little as four hours of cushion time has often allowed me to breakdown and still make deliveries on time. When you have just a few hours of cushion you are less likely to speed or drive aggressively which also means that you are less like to get a ticket.

Getting speeding tickets and log book violations will cost you time and money and make you less desirable for getting hired at the better companies. Better companies mean more money and better benefits. Your driver’s license, DAC report, and your health are your most valuable assets as a professional driver.


To save money every day on the road resist spending at truck stops as a habit. Shop at department stores or discount warehouses for your purchases before leaving home. Only buy in truck stops for emergency needs, the cost of convenience is high. cek ongkir all ekspedisi

Buy canned foods like beans and fruits. There is also corn and green beans available now without preservatives or sodium at most grocery stores. Tuna in water makes a great nutritious meal also. A box of good fiber cereal like Fiber One is a great breakfast or late evening meal. These are ways that I save time and money on the road on meals. Eating healthier is a lot cheaper than eating at the truck stop. It is also cheaper than having to pay medical expenses as a result of habitually eating unhealthy foods. Be sure to start your day with a good multivitamin. You should also drink a bottle of water with each meals. Stay away from sodas.

You sometimes hear truck drivers complaining about spending a lot of money on the road. It is easier to complain than it is to form good habits that work for you. These habits may seem like common sense. That’s because they are, but as a saying goes, common sense is not always common practice.

You may think that eating healthy is not worth being a priority. Many people don’t take it seriously until they develop health problems. Remember your big picture. You want more money in your future and you want better health so that you have a better chance of being happy and successful. You can’t make that picture complete without working on it at every angle.

If I haven’t convinced you about eating healthier, take a look at some drivers when you are at the truck stops. You will sometimes see the result of not eating properly; it’s seeing drivers struggling to walk across the parking lot or getting out of the truck. It’s even worst when you see that same driver coming out with a bunch of junk food. They didn’t intentionally end up in that cycle they just wasn’t intentional in avoiding it.

Make a conscious effort to use these techniques so that you can systematically take home more of your paycheck to save, invest or enjoy with your friends and family.

The last tip to make more money trucking is to specialize. Hauling heavy equipment, or household for example pays a lot more money than a regular dry van. Anytime you specialize, there is an increase in responsibility so take that into consideration before going in that direction.