Protect your lenses from dust and breakdown

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Contact Lens Solution

Earlier, lenses were made from glass that could easily break and wear off but not since they are made from silicon, the fear of breaking lenses is long gone. No, the lenses must be protected from dust, dirt, microbes, and drying out. Once used, lenses should always be stored in contact lens solution because this liquid solution keeps the lens sanitized and catches the dust particles and dirt that might have stuck to it while wearing. This solution is not just regular water but distilled solution made especially for storing lenses.

What happens when lenses are stored in bad condition?

Our eyes are compassionate and must be taken seriously while dealing with them. Even minor negligence can lead to infections and reddening. Silicon is a plastic-like material; it does not allow breathing and air exchange when worn on a surface. Therefore, lenses should be cleaned thoroughly with the contact solution before applying them to the eyes. The reason is that dust and dirt particles that stick to the inside of lenses remain there until they are worn on the eyes, which can lead to infection. A lens solution avoids that and sanitizes the lens and eyes.

What is the solution used for?

These contact lens solution are multi-purpose use. They are used for storing lenses and cleaning them to put on your eyes. It eliminates harmful bacteria and microorganisms on the lens surface and disinfects it. It also improves the wetting and water retention capacity as it has a coating of 6 hydroxyl moisturizing groups.