The 3 Most Important Reasons For Installing A Big Aquarium Air Pump

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If you’re new to the hobby of fishkeeping, you’ve probably seen air pumps in local fish shops or on the web and pondered whether you need one. So, do you need a big aquarium air pump? Certainly not. They aren’t necessary, but they provide benefits that outweigh the small price tag, including improved gaseous exchange, improved water circulation, and other decor.

Gas Exchange and Surface Agitation

Big Aquarium Air Pump

Surface agitation is essential for the health of the aquarium since gas exchange occurs at the surface. Without top agitation, oxygen that sits on just the water’s surface cannot enter the water, and any amount of carbon dioxide in the water cannot escape. If you notice the fish gasping at the top of the aquarium, it’s a sign that there isn’t enough oxygen in the tank. This issue can be resolved in a matter of minutes using an air pump.

Oxygen levels are higher.

Increased surface agitation offers more oxygen, one of the most significant advantages. Surface agitation isn’t the only way to get oxygen into your aquarium’s water. Using an air pump and an air stone will produce thousands of tiny oxygen bubbles that will immediately inject large amounts of oxygen into your tank water.

Sponge Filters required

An additional reason that air pumps are beneficial to all aquarium owners is that they enable such sponge filters. A sponge filter is a highly inexpensive, adequate breeding ground for good bacteria. Sponge filters require the usage of an air pump since they lack their motor and depend on the upward force of an air pump system to push water from the container via sponge filters.