What exactly is frameless glass door?

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Frameless glass doors look stunning, especially when placed in pairs on a building’s front. However, because to sinking foundations, they must be built with a little gap between the doors for an invader to pass through while holding a warmed yellow notepad under his arm and against his chest. The pad fits easily between the doors, and an infrared request-to-exit detector above the door can detect its warmth and movement. The access control panel receives a signal from the exit detectors telling it to open the door, which it does, enabling the intruder to enter. The exit detectors interpret this as a genuine request to exit.

Featured Frameless Glass


Glass panels create the impression of light and space, making your bathroom appear larger and less stuffy. They are a sanitary option for your family because they don’t have extra shells where dirt and bacteria might congregate. Containing the water sprinkling reduces the risk of sliding on wet floor tiles. Glass Door Specialist like https://glassdoorspecialist.com creates each board specifically to fit your bathroom.

Glass doors without frames

Unframed Glass Doors are frequently used in Class A Office Buildings as the focal point of the main lobby entrance. A thick glass plate, normally between 12″ and 34″ thick, depending on the size, is used to make frameless glass doors and is commonly hung into a frameless glass frame a series of glass panels to the sides and above the doors. It is common to find a sizable beam holding the top pivots above the doors. In Class A business buildings, frameless glass doors are frequently utilised as the primary entrance doors.

The doors typically just have a thin steel bottom and top rail and are constructed of thick tempered glass panes. Front entry doors are often used, therefore it’s crucial to have hardware that can withstand a significant amount of use and pressure.