How Can You Use Instagram For Customer Service?

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As the number of hashtags increase and the company evolves, Instagram’s customer service has evolved as well. As one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram is only going to continue to grow in popularity for business related purposes. This article will discuss some ways in which you can use Instagram for customer service.

Be proactive

With a simple search, you can already find hundreds of companies that use Instagram as an advertising and or customer service tool. The process begins by finding a hashtag that best fits your business and then promoting it across your social media platforms. Here are some examples of hashtags used by companies. Goread offers a variety of packages for users who want to buy likes for their Instagram posts.

Maintain a professional profile

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when using Instagram is not maintaining a professional profile. When customers use Instagram as a customer service tool, they want to feel like they are talking to a real person and if you’re account looks like it was made by a teenager then there’s a good chance you’ll lose clients. Always remember that Instagram is like any other social media platform so keep it professional.

Stay in touch with your followers

Now that you have a professional profile, a good way to keep your followers engaged is by creating behind-the-scenes posts. If you’re company has loyal customers they will be happy to see that you are following their posts and engaging with them.

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Make it personal

Another thing you can post are personal photos of your employees. A personal touch will give your customers a look into your company, which will build a more personal relationship with them. Here’s an example of what a behind the scenes post could look like.

How do you use Instagram for customer service?

The most important thing you can do on Instagram is to create a dialogue with your customers and answer any questions they have in real time. A blog that explains how you are using Instagram for customer service will create an even stronger bond between your company and your prospective customers.


As Instagram continues to grow in popularity, more businesses will be looking to take advantage of the marketing technology. Choosing to use Instagram for customer service can be a great way to create a quality relationship with your clients and hopefully increase your Instagram followers. Along with that, you can also see how your customers react to new products or changes to existing ones by using this as a conversation starter.