Google Voice Search begins a new era of Internet search

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Do not know the spelling of the word and for this reason find difficulties in searching it in Google? Or do you want to look for long requests, but do not want to use the keyboard? Well, Google has developed an incredible solution for you called Google Voice Search. With this feature, you can add more fun to your search and enjoy a happy viewing. You can get online help from a PC repair company for better viewing.

Giant of the web

Google, the giant of the web, is constantly improving its search functions. Last year, the company launched an instant search feature. There is even a wide range of mobile search enhancements. They include a new set of icons on the mobile search page, which allows users to find local establishments, such as restaurants, cafes, places of interest, etc. After clicking on the establishments, the relevant information associated with this establishment, as well as the address and telephone numberwill be shown.

google voice APK

Let’s take a closer look at Google Voice Search. This allows users to talk, not write to search on This function is very useful to find words that you do not know how to spell. When performing other tasks, you can perform a search operation, since you do not need to use your hand. You can search for long queries and ask questions on the PC from here.

What are the requirements to use this feature of Google?

Before discussing the requirements, it is important to tell one thing that a Google Voice search can be used in the English version of You must have the latest version of Chrome installed on your computer.