How long can eyelash extensions last?

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We all know that eyelash is the best part of our face as it increases beauty. But it is true that not every person has good eyelashes. You can take few steps for improving your eyelashes like eyelash extension. It is very affordable and you can easily enjoy it with thick black eyelashes. Every female has the question of how long can eyelash extensions last so that you can decide whether you can afford it or not. To know more about eyelash extensions you must have to visit our site, you will get all the detailed information there.

These are few points that will help you to know about how long can eyelash extensions last:

  • The life of the eyelashes will depend upon the eyelashes selected by you. The thick one will stay longer while they think one will not.
  • If you take care of your eyelashes properly then it can last up to six weeks. So always focus upon the aftercare of the eyelash extension.

how long do eyelash extensions last

How can you prolong it?

As you know eyelash extensions are applied to your natural lashes and they will follow your natural hair growth cycle. So it will eventually shed no matter what you do. But you can avoid premature breakage by taking few steps.

After application, you must have to stay away from the steam and wetting your lashes for 48 hours. You can wash your face, take a shower but make sure that water will not reach your lashes. Avoid using oil-based products and heavy creams near the eye area. Stop using mascara for few days as it will affect your eyelashes. But make sure that you are taking eyelash extension services with the experts. The experts will provide you best services without any kind of issue or fault. You will love eyelash extension service as it will make you more beautiful than before.