A great personality to enthuse the mankind

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Often people have their own dictionaries with their own meanings. The meanings are sometimes gathered by a lifetime experience and sometimes just from a little incident. But I feel that unique dictionary everyone has is very important and it really depicts the character of the person. The dictionary is nothing but the real heart of an individual and that one is the reason for the way you see the world. It is time to know a few things about Bashir Dalwood who has been in the world of charity for years and also achieved a great deal of things through his funding.

 And now my question what our personal dictionary says about the value of leadership? But many answering this question give a little smile about the probability of becoming a leader. Is leadership such a big burden compared with the other designations? I should accept and give a yes for this question but not all the time. Even if you are not capable of becoming a great leader you can learn from a leader.

Understanding the youth

It is here you can understand the effectiveness of Bashir Dalwood leadership qualities as he started his own charityorganization. He has funded both in low scale as well as large scale in many departments including education, medical services and many others. He with his hard work still remains in contact with the youth development starting from their career and this communication may explain his credits well. He understand that the youth needs something more than food and basic amenities.