Beautiful lawn: practical expert advice

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Thick and healthy grass is a real decoration of every property. Achieving this effect requires many properly conducted care treatments throughout the growing season. We start work after the end of winter. Precision grass cutting and variable mulching are ensured by mowers equipped with a double blade system that cuts the grass with increased frequency. The leading upper knife makes a basic cut, and the lower knife cuts the swath into smaller pieces. The swath circulating inside the body is further fragmented. The effect of this system is more accurate grinding and 30% more filling of the basket than in the case of a system with one blade and the possibility of collecting and grinding leaves in the fall. At the same time, erosion control southern California  the double knife supports the variable mulching function, thanks to which we decide about the partial or complete mulching process depending on the grass height and weather conditions. The option of adjusting the amount of mulched grass is activated by moving one lever, without the need for a special knife or other accessories.


The first thing to do after winter and snow melting is intensive raking of grass-covered surfaces to remove plant debris and felt. Thanks to this, erosion control southern California  we oxygenate turf and facilitate water penetration. And this promotes grass regeneration after winter.


The rolling operation consists in compressing the sod to the ground, which is piled up due to negative temperatures. Water that freezes in winter causes voids to form in the root layer, which can cause the grassroots to dry out. This treatment is best done with a heavy, small-diameter roller, after thawing the soil, when persistent moisture provides adequate soil plasticity. This action can be repeated at the end of August.

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Scarifying involves cutting the turf vertically. Its purpose is to remove felt, oxygenate, and revitalize the grass. It should be approved out after the vegetation process has started. The efficiency of the treatment depends on the correct implementation of subsequent stages, i.e., low mowing, incision of the turf in one direction, accurate raking of felt and plant residues, then – incision of the turf to the other side (“crosswise”) and raking of feeling and plant residues again. Fertilize and sow grass. Scarifying is repeated at the end of August

Fertilizing the lawn

The first fertilization of the lawn is carried out at the beginning of grass vegetation. If the scarifying treatment is carried out, fertilization is carried out as part of this treatment. Most often, we use NPK fertilizers containing macro elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients. In spring, it is important to have higher nitrogen content, stimulating plants to grow, and in autumn – an increased dose of potassium, which immunizes plants to winter conditions. The treatment is usually carried out once a month, at appropriate doses, until early October.