Guess Watches For Women To Fit In Every Occasion

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More than just displaying the time, the watches play an important role in reflecting the choice and personality. People around the world often prefer their timepieces, especially suitable for attire and event. guess watches for women are one such beautiful range popular for their exclusive brand logo and sleek designs to enrich a lady’s look.

Watches With Elegant Touch

Women’s watches are often used as accessories to match graceful dresses. The Guess watches, designed in gold and silver colour lustrous finishing with beaded metallic straps, just add the beauty. The models are three-hand analog dials to reflect the feminine touch in design. Along with the metallic finish, the watches also feature printed dial designs and soft silicone straps for versatile use. The dials are around 40mm in diameter, fitting the wrist perfect with thin straps to give out the look of a matching accessory.

guess watches for women

Advanced Mechanisms Implemented

The Guess watches for women are specially designed to give out a fashionable look and cutting-edge technology. The watches are exclusively analog models but with the latest Quartz crystal mechanism. The dials have fine precision due to accurate frequency, and the battery is less demanded due to effective piezoelectric properties. The watch’s case is mineral glass cover quite warrantied for water and shock resistant enabling its use for every purpose.

Classy Look With Style 

With the same principles and the elegant style of gold or bold black, the watches are also available in the improvised version of the sports collection. These watches are multi-functioning with three sub-dials in the dial face. They are used for versatile applications from locating time from other timezones, calculating the elapsed time or setting the time in 24-hour format.

The analog watches ensure to bring out the aesthetic beauty of the hand with its natural designs to reflect the luxury in simplicity. Guess women’s collection no doubt has always any piece fit for every desired occasion.