Telescopic and Linear slides

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Telescopic Slide

The Telescopic slide is an increasing slide that extends from the closed position to the most extended open position. This type of slider is often used in applications requiring maintenance, such as drawers.

In addition, since there is usually a ball bearing between the parts, the load reaches the maximum load factor, and the displacement force is minimal. Telescopic slides can be divided into two types: partially extended and fully extended. The room Telescopic slide is designed with two slide members, extending up to 75% of the closed length, but the total Telescopic slide has three slide members, extending up to 100 %. This heavy duty slide rails additional extension (or move) has the advantage of increasing privileges.

Linear slides

Linear slides characterized by short internal components or slides on a closed track are typically used in applications where instructions are more focused to access. The linear slider works more efficiently if the load is placed in the center of the cart along the slider’s length. If used in the cantilever method, the carriage length is short, and the torque is applied so that the load can be significantly reduced.

After choosing the type of heavy duty slide rails, you need to consider the principle of the slide. In general, our type of ball bearing slide series slide cage, recirculating ball bearing slide, belongs to one of three types of friction guide movement system. The cage ball slide has several balls rolled between the components secured by cages or ball cages. It is well suited for these side applications and can reduce nominal loads, and be used for flat mounting. Recirculating ball bearings are designed as sliding ball bearings. Then you can move any distance limited only by the length of the cart track.