Hiring Process For Myanmar Maid, Singapore Households

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Certain procedures accompany hiring maids in general. But the work becomes double fold when the process is for hiring a foreign maid. Having to get them to your country legally can be quite a struggle. But knowing the process and having some help can put you at ease. Here is a guide to hiring a myanmar maid singapore and simplifying it as well.

Getting Work Permit

Since they belong to a different country, there are certain rules to be followed by their country. the first one is to get a work permit for them from the Ministry of Manpower. This is the only way of getting your Myanmar maid to Singapore legally. Along with the paperwork, you will also need to submit your passport details for your identity verification.

Time Taken

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The processes are rather time-taking as the concerned authority has to verify both the identifications provided. It can take a few weeks for the verification process and for the maid to arrive in Singapore. There is practically nothing that can be done to shorten this period. But once they arrive, they should also receive proper training to handle the work given to them.

Through Maid Agencies

Myanmar maid Singapore is hired through trusted maid agencies. They know the right way to get the person across the borders, legally, without putting you through all the stress. You will only have to select the right profile. The rest of the processes will be taken care of by them and the maid will arrive at your house as a fully trained person.