How to Get Rid of Neck and Shoulder Muscle Pain Fast

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If you’re suffering from muscle pain in your neck and shoulders, your first thought might be to take some anti-inflammatory medications to deal with the pain as soon as possible. While taking over-the-counter meds can help reduce inflammation, they won’t do anything to address the root of the problem which means that it will likely come back again, later on, even more intensely than before. Thankfully, there are safe and effective ways to get rid of neck shoulder muscle pain for good. Here are just a few of them.

Reduce inflammation

One way to help ease muscle pain is by reducing inflammation. L-arginine, calcium, vitamin D3, omega-3 fatty acids, and lemon balm have all been shown to reduce inflammation in different ways. You can supplement with any or all of these options depending on the severity of your condition. To make matters worse, chronic tension leads to a build-up of fascia around muscles which creates more pressure that may be responsible for neck and shoulder muscle pain. To break up this fascia buildup you need something that can both heat the tissue (heat therapy) and releases it (fascial release). It’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor before trying anything new.

neck shoulder muscle pain

Use ice on the affected area

The great thing about ice is that it’s cheap, easy to come by, and fast acting. If you are feeling achy from straining your neck or shoulders from an injury or have a feverish cold, try cooling off with some ice wrapped in a towel for around 15 minutes at a time until you start feeling better. Some people report success just by holding the ice on their neck for 10-20 minutes. I’m not sure if this works for everyone but it might be worth trying.