Try to know how the Google remarketing works

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Google remarketing is bit simple. When they meet your criteria the remarketing works by placing the cookies on your website. The cookie ID will be placed in your remarketing audience list. You can create many lists with different criteria. For instance, you can have target visitors who viewed your page or section but they might have not made any purchase. The entire cookie has a unique ID which can be automatically inserted to your remarketing list. You can have some range of various membership goals. It is good to choose 谷歌再营销


There are many advertising controls which include the time period that a cookie ID can stay on your remarketing list, and impression caps on how many ads per day are shown also the ability to block some ads on few websites. The criteria can be set and managed by knowing your target audience. You can also categorise them with age, gender, location and the interest based on your browsing behaviour.

The Google remarketing features has recently been revised and also Google has added more features in them. They also allow creating and managing without the necessary to place certain code on the website. Try choosing 谷歌再营.

However, not only Google even Facebook remarketing is similar. You can use whatever remarketing necessary for your business. If you aim to increase your brand awareness you need to create ads which can be displayed in the website so that your target audience can view them over a period of time.