A Changing Tide in Entertainment Industry Making Modern Waves

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Majority of the people enjoy certain type of entertainment. No matter whether it is movies, music, TV, theater, novels, or anything, today an entertainment industry is the staple in worldwide business and even pop culture, and one popular name that comes to our mind is Ryan Kavanaugh.

Entertainment industry is a global commodity – hence driving huge economic growth, offering a huge number of jobs as well as generating $2 trillion yearly at scale. For unique few, this entertainment industry catalyzes on inspiring action as well as driving positive change.

Change Brought By Ryan

Ryan Kavanaugh was a force to be reckoned with for many years. He was a successful film producer and studio executive, who founded and served as CEO of Relativity Media before selling it in 2015.

In the past few years, Kavanaugh has become an outspoken critic of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu—and he’s not afraid to say so publicly. In 2017, he said that these new platforms threaten Hollywood’s existing business model by offering consumers less expensive options than traditional cable channels (which have traditionally been owned by large companies). “It’s time for us all to get out of bed and fight back,” he told Variety magazine at the time.

Ryan Kavanaugh

Diversity Matters

Diversity offers better opportunities for the unique storytelling, particularly as the things change. Everyone likes something different. Sharing some unique stories creatively with the help of entertainment is the best way you can bring diversity to masses whereas reminding us that we are not all that different and enjoy the live content out there.


Ryan Kavanaugh has left his mark not only on film but also in the world of entertainment. He was an early adopter of new technology, and he helped to bring the entertainment industry into the 21st century.