All about the Durian Fruit

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Durian is an unusual tropical fruit. It is very popular especially in the Southeastern parts of Asia. It is big in nutrients, it contains more than many other fruits. It can easily be ordered by singapore durian delivery to get it at your doorstep.

What is Durian? 

It is an equatorial fruit characterized by its big size and a hard, spiky outer crust. It has an odorous, custard-like flesh that has large seeds. It comes in many varieties, however, Durio zibethinus is a common variety.

The flesh of this fruit ranges in color. It is usually white or yellow, however, it could be green or red.

It grows in equatorial areas across the world, mainly in the Southeastern countries of Asia like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

It grows up to 30 cm tall and almost 6 inches in width. A normal durian has nearly 486 grams of palatable pulp.

It is an equatorial fruit and it grows in Southeast Asian countries. They have a spiky exterior shell and the flesh varies in color.

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So how is Durian used? 

It is consumed in sweets and savory recipes. Both the seeds and the creamy flesh are edible, although the seeds may require to be cooked and eaten. The flavor of durian is like caramel, cheese, garlic, and almonds all at the same time.

A few common food durian fruit food preparations include:

  • seeds (roasted or boiled)
  • Juice
  • soup
  • Side dish
  • Ice cream
  • Candy
  • Other desserts

Durian is also utilized in conventional medicine and it has therapeutic properties which are presently being researched.

To Sum Up

Durian is a useful ingredient in both sweet dishes and savory dishes both, especially in Southeast Asian recipes. It has many conventional treatment properties. The health advantages of this fruit are umpteen. Every part of the durian, the plant, husk, leaves, roots, and the fruit itself is very much useful.